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Short Bio and Resume

Stephen and Jane Hesterman, May, 2011 I was born and raised in Chatham Borough, New Jersey, attending the borough's public schools and graduating from Chatham High School in 1966. When I was 5 or 6 years old, I accepted Jesus Christ into my heart as my Lord and Savior. As a young lad, I enjoyed collecting and reading Esso road maps of each state and following the growth of new highways, especially the United States Interstate Highway System. Intending to be a Civil Engineer, I attended Newark College of Engineering (now NJIT) after finishing high school. However, a sophomore-year course in FORTRAN programming changed my focus, and I switched my major to computer science. During the summers of 1968 and 1969, while a college student, I worked as a computer operator and programmer trainee at the IBM Datacenter in Newark, New Jersey. (The IBM Datacenter — renamed the IBM Basic Systems Center by the time I worked there in 1969 — afforded me the opportunity to learn IBM 360 Basic Assembly Language (BAL) and PL/I.)

After graduating from college, I worked for Esso Math and Systems Incorporated (EMSI) and its successor — Exxon Corporation's Communications and Computer Science (CCS) Department — for about 12 years, interrupted by a period of service in the US Army. While stationed at Letterman Army Institute of Research in San Francisco, I developed statistical programs for the researchers and attended a graduate level Marketing course at Golden Gate College (now Golden Gate University). While working at Exxon, my projects included:

  • encouraging the use of PL/I as a standard programming language for both engineering and commercial applications.
  • developing PROMS, a program management system that enabled FORTRAN and PL/I programs to run concurrently, communicate, and share files in a dynamic environment. In other words, PROMS enabled software developers to delay the binding of program logic until execution time rather than at linkedit time. IBM's System/360 operating systems used dynamic binding extensively, but IBM's PL/I Optimizing Compiler provided limited dynamic binding features and its FORTRAN IV (G) Compiler offered no dynamic binding features.
  • developing PSTAIDS, a computer-assisted software engineering (CASE) system that enabled software developers to design software graphically using the Jackson Structured Programming (JSP) methodology. The JSP methodology is still relevant today for procedural programs, although the programmer productivity issue has been addressed in other ways for object-oriented programs.
  • researching and evaluating emerging microcomputer technology, and developing guidelines for microcomputer use within Exxon. One aspect of this involved visiting hobby computer shows where startup companies like Cromemco, Northstar, and Vector Graphics, as well as Apple, Digital Research, Heathkit, and Microsoft were exhibiting their wares. My wife Jane notes on her website, "We were early PC show attendees — pushing two strollers". Our two sons, Eric — born in May, 1975 and Ryan — born in March, 1977, occupied those strollers. (Eric is now founder and CEO of Survae, and Ryan is IT Manager of Operations at Enablx.)
  • developing a version of PSTAIDS for Norwegian microcomputer manufacturer Mycron as part of an Exxon-Mycron joint venture led by Exxon's Robert (Bob) Paredi and Mycron's Lars Monrad-Krohn.
  • meeting with Exxon's IBM marketing reps (along with several other staff members from the Computer Technology and Training (CTT) Division of Exxon's CCS Department) to suggest
    1. that IBM develop an open-architecture microcomputer like the modular S-100 bus-based microcomputers,
    2. that it utilize software from vendors such as Digital Research and Microsoft, and
    3. that it be made widely available through retail outlets such as Sears Roebuck and Computerland.
    Visit the Customer Driven Research website for further details concerning this "customer-driven" research project that played a formative role in the development of the IBM Personal Computer.

In 1983, I started Zeducorp to develop commercial database software applications for IBM personal computers and Novell local area networks. My early software tools included the IBM Personal Editor, the Digital Research PL/I compiler, and the Data Access Dataflex relational DBMS. During the 1980s and 1990s, Zeducorp developed customized, multi-user data entry and reporting systems for various clients, including Control Data (later Ceridian) clients in the New York metro area and beyond. After the turn of the 21st century, my company became more focused on website design and development as well as search engine optimization.

In May, 2016, my wife and I attended an Internet Advertising Bureau Small Publisher Conference & Fly-in in Washington, DC, during which we visited the offices of several United States Senators to raise concerns over the increasing use of Internet ad blockers.  We expressed concern over the long term effects of this trend, which has significantly reduced revenues for online information and news publishers.  We noted that a healthy democracy relies on professional news organizations that are adequately funded to produce accurate, carefully-sourced news stories.

2016 IAB Small Publisher Conference & Fly-in - Washington, DC
Meeting with United States Senate Staff Members
at the 2016 IAB Small Publisher Conference & Fly-in

By God's grace, my wife Jane (nee Knauss) and I have been happily married for over 40 years, and we live in Manahawkin, New Jersey. God has blessed us with four children and a baker's dozen of grandchildren. In our limited spare time, I like to experiment with our digital SLR camera, and my wife enjoys watercolor painting. Her portfolio is located at Jane Hesterman.com.

Photography Portfolio

tree stump on a beach, Corolla, North Carolina, May, 2011
Tree stump on a beach
Corolla, North Carolina
May, 2011
window dormer, Williamsburg, Virginia, December, 2011
Window dormer, Williamsburg, Virginia
December, 2011
tree trunks, Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, Canada, May, 2013
Tree trunks on a shoreline
Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, Canada
May 2013

Video Portfolio

Rain Shower During a Thunderstorm
July, 2013

Christian Website Links

  • Bible Study - searchable English Bible (Darby translation).
  • C. H. Mackintosh - extracts from Charles H. Mackintosh's papers.
  • Christian Baptism - selected papers. Matthew 28:19, Mark 16:16.
  • Gospel Songs - public domain hymns. Colossians 3:16.
  • Old Gospel Story - my favorite gospel tract. Isaiah 53.
  • Plymouth Brethren - history and selected papers. Matthew 18:20.
  • Showers of Blessing - selections from a periodical. Ezekiel 34:26.
  • Theory of Evolution - "after their kind". Genesis 1:12,21,25.

Personal Testimony Page

  • My Story - my Christian testimony. Luke 17:10.

A Favorite Hymn

"We see not all things yet
Subjected to Thee, Lord;
Thy throne has not been set,
Nor earthly praise outpoured;
But—blessed holy One,
Who e'en in death wast found—
As God's beloved Son
We see Thee glory-crowned.

"Now we await the day
When faith gives place to sight,
When all shall own Thy sway,
And give Thee every right.
Yet here we'd hold Thy Name
In love and faithfulness,
Till earth shall sing Thy fame
And own Thy worthiness.

"Until we are with Thee,
And see Thee as Thou art,
Help us more faithfully
To fill on earth our part;
To witness in this sphere
To Thee, the Witness true,
That in these vessels here
Thy glory may shine through."

By Mrs. S. Hedman (translated from Swedish)

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